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Cafe Sáivu

Karigasniemi Village Association is an active community of xx people, whose goal is yyyy. Karigasniemi residents of all ages can take part in club activities in the village house Saivu. Information on club activities is provided in the “Current” section.  


In addition to the village association, Karigasniemi has an active hunting club, about which you can read more here.  [LINK]


Karigasniemi village association summer café


In summer, the village house has a summer café and a fishing license sales point. Small local crafts and postcards are also on sale at the café.  


Behind the village house there is also a beach sauna, which is rented in summer for the most enthusiastic saunas. The sauna is right next to the Inari River and the cross-border bridge. The Inari River forms the Tenojoki River when it meets the Kaarasjoki River for about 7 kilometers when rowing down the river.  


The shed of the village association in Luomusjärvi


The Karigasniemi village association also has a shed on Lake Luomusjärvi that can be used by WHO? Access to the shed can be arranged by contacting WHO? 

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